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Hung Gar

The Hung Gar system is one of the most popular systems of Southern China and combines powerful strikes with impressive footwork. A direct descendant of the Shaolin Temple, it contains many classic forms. Master Kwong Wing Lam teaches this powerful style in the traditional manner.

Sifu Lam is one of the fortunate few to be not only a direct student of Hong Kong's prominent Hung Gar practitioners,
Grand Master Chi Kau & Lum Jo, but also Grand Master Yen Shang Wo, Hong Kong's leading exponent of the Northern Shaolin style.

HG 37
Kung Gee Fook Fu Kuen This is the first form taught in the traditional Hung Gar system. Translated as "I character, Tiger subduing form" it encompasses many of the classic techniques of the system. 40 min.
HG 38
Lau Gar Fist Set This form is from the Lau Gar system which was incorporated into the Hung Gar system many generations ago. This is an excellent form that has many interesting techniques. It is the second form taught in the Hung Gar system. 30 min.
HG 39

Tiger & Crane Form

This classic form is shown in its entirety along with the classic applications of the techniques. This is perhaps the mst famous of the Hung Gar forms. It is an intermediate form of the system. 50 min.
HG 40
Tiger & Crane Sparring Set This two-man form is taught after the student has learned the Tiger and Crane form and is designed to teach the martial artist the use of the techniques of the Hung Gar system in fighting situations. 27 min.
HG 41
5 Animals, 5 Elements Set This is the classic set that teaches the animal techniques of the Dragon, Snake, Tiger, Leopard, and Crane along with the elements of Gold, Wood, Fire, Water, and Earth 46 min.
HG 42
Iron Tread Set This famous set is the Internal training set of the Hung Gar system and is very advanced. The breathing of this set if very important and is highlighted throughout. 33 min.
HG 43
Butterfly Swords This weapons set teaches the use of these classic weapons of the Southern systems of kung fu. the form is long and has excellent techniques. 30 min.
HG 44
Monkey Stick Set This set demonstrates the use of the staff in the Hung Gar system. It is the fabled weapon of the mythical Monkey King. 24 min.

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