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Choy Li Fut     

Choy Li Fut Kung Fu is a traditional Shaolin Martial Art System. It combines the agile footwork of Northern Chinese Martial Arts with the intricate Southern Hand Techniques. Choy Li Fut is one of the most complete and effective styles for health and self-defense. Our style emphasizes relaxed, internal power rather than stiff, muscular force. This is not only more effective, giving the smaller person an advantage, but is also better for the practitioner's health.

     Choy Li Fut's forms are circular, powerful, and as beautiful to watch as they are effective in combat. They often contain over 150 individual movements, each one having a practical application in self-defense. Done at full speed, the forms provide an excellent cardiovascular workout. Unlike many other martial arts, Choy Li Fut contains a wide variety of techniques, including long and short range punches, devastating kicks, deadly sweeps and takedowns, lethal pressure point attacks, joint locks, and grappling.

     Choy Li Fut kung fu was founded in 1836 by Chan Heung. A well known Chinese martial artist in that period. Although it is known as a Southern system, Choy Li Fut has it’s origins in both Northern and Southern China. Chan Heung studied martial arts under two Shaolin masters, Li Yau-San, and Choy Fuk and also his uncle Chan Yuen Woo. When Chan Heung established the Choy Li Fut system in 1836, he named it in honor of his teachers Choy Fuk and Li Yau-San. The third word , Fut, which means "Buddha" in Chinese, was used to pay homage to his uncle, Chan Yuen Woo, and to the Shaolin roots of the new system.

Grandmaster Doc-Fai Wong first studied Choy Li Fut under Lau Bun. After Lau Bun passed away in 1967, Grandmaster Wong started teaching and continued to study Choy Li Fut under Hu Yuen Chou and Wong Gong in Hong Kong. Master Doc Fai Wong is an internationally recognized Master of the Choy Li Fut system and he presents famous and rare forms of this system. We are fortunate indeed to have the opportunity to offer these forms to you -now on DVD.


CLF 59
SUI MOI FAH KUEN Small plum blossom form This versatile fighting set contains a large variety of hand and foot techniques from the system and contains all of the system's important offensive techniques. 40 min.
CLF 60
FUT JEUNG KUEN Buddha Palm Form This is an advanced and rare form known by very few . 43 min.
CLF 61
YEE JONG BOT GWA KUEN Righteous and Strong Pa Kwa Form This is one of the 8 Bot Gwa forms found in the system. 37 min.
CLF 62
SUP JI JIT KUEN Cross Pattern Tiger Blocking Form This set has much actice and difficult footwork. Because of the stances that are employed in this set it is excellent for the building of stamina. 55 min.
CLF 63
SIU SUP JI KUEN Small Cross Pattern (also called the Small Five Animal) This is one of the original sets and uses various animal techniques to improve the skill of the martial artist. 55 min.

     Choy Li Fut also has forms teaching the use of a large arsenal of traditional kung fu weapons, thirty-six to be exact, divided into long, short, twin, and flexible categories. Finally, it includes internal training such as meditation and breathing exercises.


CLF 64
MOI FAH SEUNG GNAO Plum Blossom Double Hook Swords The double hook swords are very unusual weapons that are excellent for tournament work. This set contains many flowery twisting wrist action that create figure eight and circular patterns 33 min.
CLF 65
CHOR TAO Farmers Hoe This is a famous Choy Li Fut implement weapon and is used both as a staff like weapon and a bladed weapon. 33 min.
CLF 66
FOOK FU DARN DAO Tiger Taming Broad Sword This is one of the major broadsword forms and is the only one to have a ground rolling sequence. 31 min.
CLF 67

SOI SAU SIN Hand Breaking Fan The fan is a rare weapon in the martial arts but an important role in China. When rolled up it was used to strike vital points. 33 min.
CLF 68
BOT GWA SEUNG DOU Pa Kwa Butterfly Knives The Butterfly knives or swords are twin weapons that are important to the Southern Styles of Kung Fu. 34 min.
CLF 69

SEUNG GUP DAHN GWUN Double and Single Ended Staff This is a very famous staff set that comes from Canton. It employs techniques that are used with either single or double ended staff and if you are only able to learn one staff set this should be the one. 38 min.

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