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Wu Tang

WTN is privileged to present the Wu Tang Martial Arts Series named after the famous Wu Tang Chinese Martial Arts Development Center in the Republic of China.

WT 52


Kwen Wu Sword Form
This is a double edged sword form and is very strong and efficient in its moves. It is particularly recommended for those martial artists who are looking for a beautiful but efficient Gim form. 30 min.
WT 53

Lee Pee A very powerful from from the BABO or EIGHT STEP PRAYING MANTIS system. This form is considered an excellent form for fighting purposes. 22 min.
WT 54

Tang Lang Hand This instructor's form, employs many throws in addition to the "slapping hand" of Praying Mantis. 30 min.
WT 55 not available at this time.    
WT 56

Mi Tsung Two this is a very famous form taught from the "LOST TRACK" system by Grandmaster Liu to Sifu Yang. This is an extraordinary form that has a large number of extremely useful techniques. 25 min.

The Wu Tang Forms are being offered at the present time as performed by Sifu Yang Shu-Ton who was born and raised in Taiwan.

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