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Tai Chi

Sifu Wu has consented to share these forms on video tape and several months were spent in the preparation of these videos. An explanatory commentary has been provided which points out the important points of the forms. These tapes provide not only the history of the particular style but also the memory of martial arts and its relationship to the practice of Tai Chi.

Each of the tapes is greater than 70 minutes in length and techniques are shown in both regular speed and slow motion. We feel they are the most extraordinary tapes of Tai Chi currently available and will provide a great deal of insight into this style.

TC 57
Yang's Style Tai Chi Abstracted Form 75 min.
TC 58
Chen's Style Tai Chi Abstracted Form 75 min.

The abstracted form is the form distilled down to the essential sequences and was developed by Grandmaster Liu in view of his teachings from the great Yang and Chen Masters. They are extremely well received in China and have become the preferred styles for practice.

Tai Chi forms are performed in a slow and relaxed manner, which calms the mind and releases the mental and physical tensions of our modern stressful lifestyle.

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The instructors demonstrating on the tapes are well trained by their Masters. On some tapes the Master may introduce the discipline but not necessarily demonstrate it. We try our best to indicate exactly who is demonstrating on each form. The bio of a demonstrator and or Master on any given tape is provided wherever possible. WTN cannot be responsible for information that has not been provided to us.

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