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Out of the mist shrouded Shaolin Temple has come the most famous style of oriental martial arts known to the world. Shaolin is famous for its lightening quick hand techniques and devastating kicks.  The first 10 tapes of this style is taught by world famous martial artist Kwong Wing Lam, a direct descendant in a long line of martial artist masters from the Temple. Each of the ten famous forms of Northern Shaolin is demonstrated on an individual DVD. The classic ten forms of the Northern Shaolin Temple are also known as Bok Sil Lum, in Cantonese.

the classic Northern Shaolin Series:


SL 1: Koy Moon / Opening the Door -- taught 6th;  48 min.


SL 2: Leng Lo / The Leader -- taught 7th; 41 min.


SL 3: Jou Mah -horse sitting -- taught 8th; 40 min.


SL 4: Chumn Sam / Strike Heart -- taught 3rd; 33 min.


SL 5: Mo I -martial arts -- taught 4th; 30 min.

SL 6: Tun Da -short strike -- taught 1st; 33 min.


SL 7: Moi Fah -plum flower -- taught 2nd; 30 min.


SL 8: Bot Bo -shuffling -- taught 5th; 33 min.


SL 9: Lien Wan -continuation -- taught 9th; 37 min.


SL 10: Sik Fot -skilled technique -- taught 10th; 38 min.

NOTE: The Classic ten forms are not learned in the order in which they are numbered
but rather practiced in this order after the entire set is learned.

WTN has recently combined some of the following Shaolin forms onto a single DVD.
These combined form DVDs are indicated above the form name.


SL 11: Ling Po (Lien Bo) - The "Linked Stepping Fist" form is the first form taught in the system and is used to teach the basic stances and hand techniques of the system. This is a very important form the learn.


2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 12 & SL 13 -
The Tan Tui forms are very famous in the Northern Systems of China and constitute along with Ling Po (SL 11) and the ten forms of Shaolin listed above (SL 1 - SL 10), the entire hand sets of the Northern School of Shaolin. 

2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 14: Tsa Kuen - (also known as Cha Kuen) This form is one of the few remaining forms in the Cha system which is one of the five major schools of Northern Chinese Kung Fu. It has many excellent fighting sequences and is perfect for tournament purposes. 

SL 15: Northern Monkey - This extremely long form has over 300 moves and, as in the other animal forms taught to Master Woo, is the long version. This is a difficult form but well worth the effort. There are several ground rolling sequences in this form common to the monkey style and the quick evasive footwork of the monkey style is clearly shown. 

2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 16 & 17: Tiger One & Two - The two tiger forms presented are from Southern China and taken together constitute a set, with the techniques learned in one complimenting the other. The tiger style concentrates on strengthening the bones and joints. These forms are long with excellent fighting techniques clearly demonstrated. They are not numbered in the order of difficulty as both require equal skill to perform. SL 16 (Tiger One) contains over 150 techniques; SL 17 (Tiger Two) contains over 220 techniques. 

SL 18: Northern Snake -This Northern Snake form, also known as Cobra, consists of over 150 moves and is designed to increase the speed and the suppleness of the practitioner. Emphasis is on strikes to nerve centers and soft vulnerable areas of the body. The hand techniques in this form are extremely rapid. This makes an excellent form. 


2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 19: Lohan This Northern form comes from the original Lohan style meaning "Buddha's Disciples". It is an offshoot of Shaolin. Several difficult sequences make it an interesting form to know and practice.

SL 20: Yohan This Northern Shaolin form uses unusual fighting techniques. Very effective techniques are demonstrated and will improve any martial artist's arsenal. Unusual "angle" fighting sequences are present in this form. 

2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 21: White Ape This is a traditional Wu Shu form from the Fu system of Shaolin, which is a Southern style. Although this is not a fighting form per se, it does have interesting hand techniques and is an excellent tournament form.

SL 22: White Crane (Plum Blossom White Crane) This Northern China form has the many high kicks and evasive moves of the classic White Crane style. It is the Plum Blossom Form (Moi Fah) and is actually a shortened version of the long traditional form. 



SL 23: Shaolin Techniques This tape consists of more than 70 different hand and leg techniques with application demonstrated. These are basic leg and hand techniques. They are performed as warm up exercises in a linear fashion using both right and left sided applications.


2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 24 : Cane This intricate form entitled the "Phoenix Head Cane" looks somewhat easier to perform than it actually is. Interesting application of weapon is demonstrated.

SL 25: Flute -An innocuous object becomes a lethal weapon when used as shown in this kuen. These techniques can be applied to any type of stick fighting.

2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 26: Shaolin Saber - This basic kung fu weapon is shown in a very flashy form, it is entitled "Peck Kwa Darn Dao" which translates as Chopping Single Saber. It is basically a linear form with several spinning reverse kicks in addition to the traditional techniques of the saber which was a foot soldier's weapon with only one cutting surface.

SL 27: Double Sabers - This advanced, difficult form of Northern China requires a high level of skill and contains a tricky ground rolling technique. This is an excellent tournament form.


2 forms on 1 DVD!
SL 28: Long Staff - The classic kung fu weapon of Northern China is beautifully demonstrated with each technique shown slowly. This form is recommended for all martial artists. The form is moderate in length.

SL 29: Short Staff - This unusual staff form requires the practitioner to make somewhat different use of the staff than in the more common long staff form. Many blocking techniques are shown and it is a medium range weapon.


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