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Muay Thai

MT 70
  • History of Thai Boxing
  • Exercises
  • Kicks with applications
  • Knee strikes with applications
  • Elbow strikes with applications
  • Thai pad drill
MT 71
  • full contact training
  • liniment and hand wrap
  • heavy bag work
  • Thai pad use
  • blocks
  • combination techniques
  • use for PKA
  • use against Karate techniques. 

     The devastating Martial art of Thailand, Muay Thai (also known as "Thai Boxing") is now available on DVD, brought to you by WTN Kung Fu Productions. The videos feature Thai boxing taught by Master Surachai Sirisute in a 2 part series. Master Chai is known throughout the world for his excellent training seminars on this art.

     Muay Thai is the ancient art of Thailand and is recognized as one of the most devastating and practical fighting arts now being taught. Its kicks are feared for their tremendous destructive power and are excellent for full-contact street fighting use. 

These forms are instructional in content, not just demonstrations, and slow motion is used throughout to highlight the important points.


Kali/ Escrima and Muay Thai

MT 72
Kali/ Escrima and Muay Thai 
Self-Defense Techniques

     Martial Artist Dan Insanto with Master Surachai Sirisute, present in a clear form, knowledge gained from years of fighting and teaching the martial arts. Devastating techniques from their respective martial arts in defenses against weapons and empty hand attacks provide you with an understanding and a confidence in using and defending against various weapons and angles of attack.

Kali, also commonly referred to as Escrima, is a complete martial art system. The drills and techniques features in this video provide valuable repetition in body mechanics and body awareness. This makes Kali the perfect compliment to any system or style as well as a proven and tested combative system. Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) is a powerful, combative art. It is the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai encompasses boxing-style hand strikes delivered by elbows and knees, making full use of the body's potential weaponry and practical targets as well. Muay Thai also allows for fighting "in the clinch", where fighters are taught to grapple with their opponent in order to seek and create opening for knee and elbow attacks. Throughout the vide important concepts of responses to life and death confrontations are presented that can be extrapolated to many other situations. 

Dan Inosanto is regarded as one of the greatest martial artists. He is well known for his Phillipine stick fighting skills and as the close friend and student of the late Bruce Lee. He has written extensively about the Martial arts in addition to appearing in and being invilved in the filming of many motion pictures. This video is his first ever instructional videotape, now authored to DVD! See for yourself why he is regarded as one of the foremost authorities on the martial arts.

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