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Praying Mantis

Seven Star Praying Mantis is a Northern style of kung fu that combines the rapid hand movements of the mantis with the quick elusive footwork of the monkey. It is classified as a "soft style" of kung fu as it seeks to avoid meeting power with power. Rather, its practitioners avoid the opponent's strike whenever possible, but if contact is made, they seek to maintain control of the opponent. These methods are very practical and superb for full contact or street fighting. Indeed many feel that it is the most aggressive style of Chinese martial art. These tapes have been extremely well received by those individuals wishing to train in a very explosive style. The forms are also well suited for tournament demonstration. 

The Praying Mantis system is presented by internationally known practitioner, Sifu Al Cheng ( Cheng Luen Chuen) and his skilled students. Sifu Cheng is a former Full Contact Kung Fu Champion of Hong Kong in his weight class.

  • PM 45: Bung Bo "Back fist, Footwork" -this is the first form taught to students of the Seven Star system. It is classified as a hard style form and teaches the ability to fight with one technique leading into another. DVD 26 min.
  • PM 46: Sup Pa Sao "Eighteen educated ole men" - this is the second initial form that is taught and it combines both "short and long fist" techniques. It also begins to train the student in the use of the left arm. DVD 27 min.
  • PM 47: Chop Choy "Stabbing fist" -the third form in the beginner's set is a basic "long fist" form. there are a large number of low kicks that appear in this form. DVD 28 min.
  • PM 48: Buck Yuen Tow Toe "White Ape Stealing Plum" -this intermediate form stresses close-in fighting with attack and retreat combinations demonstrated. There is increased work on movement of the feet. DVD 22 min. 
  • PM 49: Say Lo Bung Da "Four Way Fighting" -this intermediate form trains the student to fight in all four directions. Stress on kicking techniques and balance while pivoting on one foot. DVD 26 min.
  • PM 50: Mue Fa Sao "Plum Flower fist" This is an advanced "short hand" fighting form. It is hard style in type and teaches explosive movements. It is always with Mue Fa Loc (PM51). DVD 26 min.
  • PM 51: Mue Fa Loc "Plum Flower fall" -this is the second in the set of advanced Mantis techniques and is a "long fist" form. It compliments the form of Mue Fa Sao "Plum Flower Fist" (PM50). DVD 26 min.

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